Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dress to Halter Top Refashion

When I started this refashion I intended to take plenty of pictures throughout the process.  Instead I got going and didn't stop.

I started with this ladies dress which had some beautiful colors but just wasn't the dress for anyone in this house.   I measured and cut straight across around the waist.  The hem of the skirt would now be the hem of the halter top.

I simply made a casing around the top of the skirt and then ran elastic through it so that it would fit snugly on Jonah.  Not too tight but just enough to draw the top in.  I took what used to the thin belt/tie from the dress and made it into the tie around the neck.

Both sides of the skirt were slit pretty high so I stitched them up only leaving a couple inches open at the bottom.  Finally we simply took a wide piece of coordinating ribbon that she can use to tie up the waist if she chooses.

This was a very easy refashion with a happy recipient.


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