Saturday, July 10, 2010

An Old Cork Board Upgrade

This old cork board has been hanging on our kitchen wall since we moved here 4 yrs ago.  It belonged to the elderly lady that owned the house and by the looks of it, it is very old.  It is used a lot!! During the school year it is constantly covered in important papers.

In redecorating the kitchen I knew we had to keep the cork board but it does not at all match my silvery/gray and bluish paint scheme.

So I started digging through all my leftover paint from all my different projects over the past few years and I found a can of Krylon Silver Metallics that I bought last year and I only used it on 1 picture frame, so it was nearly full.

So I decided I would use this on the cork board and on the cabinet hardware.  I sprayed the cork board and then I took a sanding block and scuffed up the edges all the way around the frame.  You can't really tell in the picture that the edges are scuffed up but they are. 

So here is another project for the kitchen and thankfully no cost.  Maybe I will still be able to make it on my budget.

You can read more about the kitchen journey here:

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