Saturday, July 24, 2010

Refashion: 2 Shirts Make a Toddler Playdress

Yesterday I was going through a lot of clothes to prepare for an upcoming yard sale and I found a few items I thought would be great for refashioning.  So far I have only had one successful refashion and it wasn't very hard at all.   I decided to try and stretch myself a little,  I am a use a pattern kind of girl who can do a decent job of sewing with instructions that tell me what to do.  I usually play it safe with the types of fabrics I choose and the patterns I use.  How will I ever move onto harder things if I don't try right?

So when Jonah brought me these two shirts to go in the yard sale I just knew I could make my niece K a cute playdress.

(sorry I started cutting before I took the pic)

Now the only problems were 1) I have never ever sewn stretch knit before and 2) I am a use a pattern play it safe kind of girl!!

I looked at the two shirts, thought about what I wanted and then started taking them apart.  I didn't take any pics during this process but this is what I ended up with.

After I had my 6 pieces I took the aqua skirt part and began pinning it to the orange main piece.  

If you can tell in the picture I pinned it upside down with the right side facing in  Initially I used my smallest needle thinking this would be better for the material however it was not. at all and you can tell that a little in my topstitching on the next photo.  So I ended up changing it out and putting in a larger needle.

After I stitched the aqua piece to the orange I laid it back down the right way and pinned it down all the way around so I could topstitch it.

Then I sewed a second line below the first one to form a casing.  I left a small open space in which I could put my hand under the aqua piece to insert the elastic.   Once the elastic was in I sewed the ends very well and then sewed up the rest of the casing.  

I then pinned the arms to the bodice, right sides facing and sewed them together leaving the whole neck/shoulder area open.

I made a casing around the entire neck/shoulder area and then ran elastic through it closing it up in the same manner I did with the waist.  Finally I used the cuffs from the original orange shirt and sewed them onto the aqua sleeves.

Here is the final product!  I know that it is definitely imperfect but I think it will still make a great play dress for K.  I learned a lot by just jumping in there and giving this a shot.  Yes it was very difficult for me to let go and not have a pattern to tell me what to do next.  However now I know that with practice I can figure this refashioning thing out and with practice I may even learn how to sew with stretch knits.  :)

, The Girl Creative


  1. Wow!! Great job, and brave effort! I don't think I could ever just put something together like that! But it looks like it's from a store, way to go! Visiting from

  2. I think it's great!

  3. This is soo cute!! You did a great job on the refasion. I love that the shirt is two different colors.