Monday, July 5, 2010

Toddler Jumper and Matching Shirt

I have a huge stash of material and patterns that have just been collecting dust over the last few years.  I decided it was time to drag them out and get to work.  My girls are getting so old that they don't really want full outfits handmade.  I will probably make some skirts for church and a few tops but that will be about it.

I do still have 2 young nieces that I plan to make several outfits for.  R is 7 and I am working on a skirt for her right now but nothing finished yet.  K is almost 2 and I have already made her 3 dresses since I did this skirt. 

I wish I had a picture of K wearing this dress...I don't but here is a picture of K.

So just imagine this cutie wearing the dress!  I am hoping to get pictures of her in the other dresses before I post them.

The jumper and shirt are made of a soft baby corduroy.  I find that type of material so easy to work with.  It is basically like and overall, it criss crosses and snaps in the back.

The top just slips over the head.  It is made with the same baby cord as well as a pretty trim with coordinating colors and the front panel is a solid burgundy.  This will go great with the jumper or with jeans this fall.

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  1. wow ur clothing classes in high school really paid off! i am still quilting but in strips. still cant sew circles or anything other than straight lines lol. wish i would have had u teach me some of this when we lived so close. ur becoming a regular susie homemaker lol.

  2. Such a cute dress! Lucky nieces! Thanks for linking to Make It Wear It today!