Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Favorites and a Family Moment: Emeri's High School Registration

Yesterday was a very difficult day for me and probably even more difficult than the first day of Kindergarten.  Yesterday was Freshman registration day for my firstborn.  Although Emeri was super excited I was pretty torn about the whole thing.  I am so proud of her and want her to be happy and to succeed but highschool is just the count down to leaving the nest.  

I know that I must live in the now and think about what we can do together today and not worry about tomorrow!

Emeri  got all the classes she wanted and she can't wait to start school in 13 days.  

Next I have to get my baby registered for 7th grade.....where does the time go?

Friday Favorites

I love looking at other blogs for inspiration and here some of the amazing things I have came across this week.

and this Bathroom Renovation at Perfectly Imperfect is perfectly dreamy!


  1. Hey, Amber! Thanks for highlighting me today! How super nice of you!

  2. Hi, thanks so much for the hightlight. So exciting.

  3. Hang in there Mom! These are the days of our lives! She will have a great time (for the most part), and she will need you more in the next four year than she will ever let on. Keep your eyes and ears open! (from a mom with 18 years of high school English teaching experience behind her).

  4. Thank you so much for the highlight:-)

  5. Thanks Lana! I needed that. :)

    Kimberly, CraftedbyMama, and Jocelyn you are welcome.