Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Favorites and a Family Moment 8/20/10

I think I have finally come to terms with Emeri going to High School.  Yesterday, above, she was heading out for her first 1/2 day of school.  She had a 1/2 day today and another for Monday so they can get a feel for their "A" day and "B" day classes and then Tuesday starts full day school.

Then this morning after Emeri went to school I got to take my baby girl Jonah to get registered for 7th grade.  Seriously which is harder for a Mom to take?  First born in High School or Baby in Jr. High?!  Sheesh, where oh where did the time go.

It was a super long wait at registration, it took 1 1/2 hr.   Most of the time waiting was the picture line.  We had a good laugh though....the very same thing happened at the picture line this year as last year.

We get up to the table and the lady says, "Last Name?".  Jonah replies, "Farnam".  The lady thumbs through and pulls out a card, she looks at Jonah and says "Well this one can't be you!"  To which I replied, "I am sure it is.  Is it Jonah?".  The lady shyly grins and confesses, "Oh, I thought it was a boy....beautiful name though!"

We had this exact dialogue last year with the picture people.  It was pretty funny!

Well in 2 days Jonah will be turning 12 and we have a family get together as well as a slumber party planned this weekend.  So next week I will be talking about birthdays.


Now for this weeks favorites!  I love finding cool and unique projects on other blogs.

Check out this adorable top Kalleen @ At Second Street made for her daughter.  I love that she used a pair of pants and a vintage pattern.

Finally this BBQ Chicken Pizza @ A Little Lovely is seriously making me hungry for lunch.

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