Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Handmade Black Ruffled Headband

So yesterday we went to the mall for some back to school shopping.  When we went into Claire's they had embellished headbands.  Emeri saw one that was black and had a ribbon bow for $6.25 and I thought the price was ridiculous....we can make that.

Well we went to Walmart and got a 3 pack of wide plastic headbands for $3.50.  

For the first headband we decided to do a black ruffled one.  All we needed was the glue gun, scissors and a couple long strips of black t-shirt.

I ruffled the t-shirt strips with my sewing machine and then hot glued them to the headband.  I did two layers to give it a little thickness.  It was simple and only took a few minutes.

Emeri decided that it was a little too ruffly for her so we plan to give this one to my niece R.

R is almost 8 and she loves accessories.  She will love the ruffles!

So the first headband only cost us the $1.20 to buy it.  All the other supplies we had on hand.

For the next one Emeri wants us to try and replicate the plain black ribbon headband at Claires.  I do not have black ribbon on hand so we will be heading out to get some, however it will still be a ton less than the $6.25

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