Monday, August 23, 2010

My Top 5 Ways NOT to Throw a Frugal Birthday Party

Do you ever think that things just aren't quite going your way?
Well yesterday Jonah turned 12 and we had 2 parties this weekend and lets just say things didn't quite go the way I had planned.

Here are my top 5 ways to NOT throw a frugal party.

1)  Do not decide to save $1 on cheese you have never used before when making one of your favorite recipes.  

On Friday night the family came over and I cooked Lazy Lasagna which we love!  On Thursday night I needed to pick up cheese. I ran to Walmart and grabbed the Walmart Brand mozarella instead of Sargento or Kraft which I normally use.... to save a buck.  Trust me when I say that buck wasn't worth saving because the cheese didn't melt!

2) Being Green is wonderful but don't skip the paper/plastic ware when you are having a total of 22 guests during the weekend.

Family came over Friday, I cooked a meal and served cake and Ice Cream.  Slumber party was on Saturday, food was eaten the whole time kids were here.  I opted to not do paper/plastic ware and ended up doing 8 loads of dishes in the dishwasher.  I am thinking with all the water and electricity usage I defeated my purpose.

3) Don't have a miscommunication with your child and realize at the last minute more guests are coming than you had planned.

Initially I thought there were going to be a total of 10 girls for the slumber party that included my daughters.  We sent out invites to most of the girls but a few got phone calls instead.  At the beginning of the week I was informed it was actually 12 because my daughter thought I meant 10 plus her and her sister.  Then on the night of the party I found out that somehow now it was 14 including my girls.  We are still not sure how this miscommunication occurred but I can guarantee it won't happen again.

4)  Don't underestimate the eating power of pre-teen girls.

Obviously number 3 had an affect on this one but last minute ordering of pizza as well as picking up extra items put the food budget over the top.  

5)  Don't have so much going on that you don't take a single picture!

I have to say this one hurts the worst!  In all the busyness of too many girls, too much to do and trying to keep dishes washed I didn't take a single pic of my Jonah at either party.   Thankfully my wonderful Mom was snapping pictures at the family get together so I can get copies from her but I got nothing from the slumber party.  

Even though my weekend didn't go as planned and I was totally stressed about it Jonah had a blast!  When it all comes down to it that is what is important, however next year will be totally different.  :)

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