Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Two Tops and a Reversible Skirt

One night I came across this blog and thought I would make K a reversible dress.  I worked on it for a couple hours and it was starting to get late but I decided to push through.  I was all done but the buttons on the shoulders and it looked good.  Then I started thinking I had messed it up and the buttons wouldn't work.

My brain was tired!  I totally should have left it until the morning but I wanted to finish it.  Then I started messing with it and ended up messing up the straps.  But I still didn't leave it alone.  Finally in my exhausted haze I cut the bodice of the dress off leaving a skirt.

The moment I did that I knew I was tired and had screwed up so I went to bed.  Why I didn't do that before I cut it off I don't know.

When the next day rolled around I finished up the reversible skirt then I took it to try on K to make sure it was going to fit.

Next came the shirts.  For shirt 1 I loosely used Simplicity 4383, making the shirt short sleeved and adding a flower to the front.  This side is made out of a soft micro-suede.

On side 2 I went back to the trusty Simplicity 5118 for the top.  (trust me when I say the top is not lopsided, bad pic).  I did not gather the sleeves and I didn't do a ruffle at the hem.  Instead I did a 1in band around the waist.

When I took them to K yesterday she wanted to try them on but she didn't want to have her picture taken.  Mostly she just wanted to figure out a way to tear the flower off the first dress!  :)

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