Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blast From the Past: Making Old Furniture Almost New

First I will tell you that these pieces of furniture were painted more than 2 years ago, at least all but the desk. Before I had my original blog and before I would have ever considered to do before and after shots.

When we bought our house 4 years ago we knew there was ALOT cosmetically to be done.  The house is in wonderful shape structurally however the decor throughout just didn't fit us.  Still 4 years later we are not done but there have been several obstacles (health issues) that kept me from doing any work.  One day I may have it the way I want it! LOL

 The first room we painted four years ago was our bedroom.  We went neutral with just a teeny bit of color.   We got this lingerie dresser from my inlaws and it needed some love.

The body of the dresser is painted with the same paint on my walls however I put a coat of shellac on it which darkened it up.

With the darkened tone it coordinates perfectly but does not just fade away into the walls.

The drawers and pulls match a pretty set of curtains I found on clearance at Walmart and that became our accent color.

Hopefully this Fall/Winter we will be doing bedroom updates and this dresser will be getting a new makeover.

The second room that got a paint job was the girls bedroom.  For now they share a room since we only have 2 bedrooms.  We have a full basement however it is not finished out yet.  We are hoping to do that while the girls still live at home but right now we are working at being debt free so I don't forsee a job that big until all our debt is paid off.

This shelf was in the basement of this house when we bought it.  Believe it or not it was some type of OLD cigarette vending machine.  What we use as the front was actually the back .  On the back side were slots and and pictures of specific cigarette brands at the end of each slot.

We needed somthing vertical for a little entertainment area and this has worked perfectly.  I just cleaned it up and painted it to match the room.

This piece will also be getting a makeover soon, since both bedrooms will be getting updated.

We did not tackle our Living Room until summer 2009.  I kept putting it off because I knew it would be a massive undertaking and boy was I right. 

This desk was in my sisters bedroom growing up.  It started out a cream color then when my girls were little they had a Bubble Gum pink 50's room with Poodle Skirts and Records on the wall and it was painted white and black.

We didn't have room in this house for bunk bed, a dresser, entertainment area and this desk in their room so I brought it to the living room for me.

I painted it this brown which is almost the same color as the curtains in this room.  At the time of the picture I was trying to find the same hardware that I have on our entertainment center that my Grandfather built and to this day it has no hardware.  I haven't found the other and can't bring myself to buy all new.  I should just give in and buy something a little different. :)

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