Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Favorites and a Family Moment 9/3/10

lI had every intention of posting this earlier however my husband got home from a business trip to Texas late last night and then he took the day off today.  So we just hung out for the day.  :)

On Sunday our Church had a block party with lots of food, friends, music and fellowship.  Emeri, our oldest daughter (14) and one of her friends sang "We Cry Out" a capella.  Emeri sang the first verse alone and then she was the louder singer throughout the rest of the song.  It was such a blessing to see our little girl up the singing to the Lord.

She also performed in a dramatic dance but we didn't manage to get that on tape.  It was a fun evening for all!


Now for my Friday Favorites!

I am in LOVE with these Mod Podge Shoes from Sugar Bee Craft Edition.

Sumo's Sweet Stuff managed to put all of my favorite things in her Dipped Nutter Butters.  Yummo!

An Oregan Cottage took and old Church Pew and turned it in to a lovely bench for her front porch.

Seriously How Sweet are these Kitty Handpuppets at Just for Luv!

and lastly the Button Ruffle Scarf at Living with Punks is too cute but not quite as cute as the little girl wearing it.


  1. Loving those shoes and that pew too, and I really dont even like alot of green....
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Thanks for the feature! You should definitely make some of those Nutter Butters - you won't be disappointed!

    Sumo :)

  3. agypsyangel, I am pretty fond of greens. :)

    Summer, I am thinking I need to make a grocery list! ;)

  4. Thanks for the feature on the scarf... and I think you are right, that girly is a cutie....but I think I'm biased :) This was actually her first "official" photshoot with me and I was anticipating a disaster, but we got some pretty good shots!
    Thanks again and if you try one let me know

  5. Oh wow, thank you, Amber! I'm honored that you liked the puppets and featured them. How sweet of you : ).

    That church pew is AMAZING! Definitely one of my favorites too. Hope you are having a nice relaxing weekend. So nice to "meet" you!

    Lots of love,

  6. Thank you for featuring my refurbished pew- and those cookies are drool-worthy!