Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trying out Picnik: Some Before and After Photos

Normally when taking a picture for a blog post I use my so/so camera or my cell phone to take the pic then edit with Gimp or Photobucket and leave it at that.  I am not really what you call photographically inclined!  However recently Emeri was telling me I should try out Picnik, so I figured why not.

So my nephews were over and I had taken some pictures of them on my cell phone and figured I would see what Picnik was all about.

Here is C before and after:


Next we have C, Emeri and J:

K before and after:

and finally my favorite, J before and after:

I will definitely be using Picnik more often.  There are still tons of effects I haven't even tried yet.

Of course Picnik is free as well as Photobucket and Gimp, however Gimp has to be dowloaded.

What type of photo editing software do you use? 

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