Thursday, October 21, 2010

Working Out at Home: What is Your Favorite Program?

Lately I have been seriously thinking about what I need to do to get myself back into better health.  Over the years I have done many things to keep fit, going to the gym, working out at home and going to weight loss clubs.  However the past few years I haven't stuck with anything I have started.  I need to lose some weight and get healthier but I don't want to spend a fortune either.  I would love to do something at home because I know in the long run it will save a lot of money.

Because it has been quite a long while since I have done any serious exercising I need to slowly work my way into it building my strength up as I go.  The Slim in 6 is a holistic workout that is eay to follow and great for an introduction back into a workout regimen.  It takes 6 weeks to complete and should have me ready to move onto something more complicated.

The PX90 or P90X is something I have heard a lot about but am nowhere in the shape to do it yet.  It features yoga, kenpo, stretching, resistance training and cardio.  It sounds like an amazing workout and everybody seems to be doing from Ashton Kutcher and Cheryl Crow to a lot of my family and friends.

Another possibility for me is Body Gospel by Donna Richardson. This workout is a Christian approach to treating your body like the temple that God created.  I have to admit that aspect alone interests me.  It features resistance training, cardio, stretch, circuit and muscle conditioning but the main foundation of the workout is God.

 Off the top of my head the slim in 6 and the Body Gospel look the most appealing to me at the shape I am in now.  I think P90X would be awesome however I am pretty positive that I would not have the strength or stamina to do it yet.  Have any of you used any of the above workouts?  Were they too easy, too hard, or were they just right for you?


  1. I am a HUGE fan of the Walk at Home DVD's by Leslie Sansone. When I did the Nutrisystem program after my first son turned 1, the packet came with one of her DVD's and I've been hooked ever since! I have 4 different ones.

  2. Becky,
    This sounds familiar, I think my sister used to do something like this a long time ago. How are they on fitness level?? Is there stuff for a beginner to do?

    Thanks for the input! :)