Monday, November 29, 2010

The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree of 2010

This past weekend was tree putting up weekend.  We usually do it over Thanksgiving, so Saturday was our day of choice.  For the past 3 years we have had a 6.5ft pre-lit (colored lights) tree.  We have ornaments galore. The girls each have their own box and I even have ornaments from childhood.  However this year I planned to put the larger tree in the living room and put this teeny 4ft tree from our previous, much smaller house in the girls room.

At the after Christmas sales I had gotten several gold decorations at 90% off and decided I would do a mainly gold tree with a little color.  Then I would let the girls put up the little tree in their room with their own ornaments.  This was going to be the last year for the 6.5ft tree.  Since I have 9ft ceilings and my living room is 23 1/2 X 13 I think we can definitely go for a bigger tree.

So we got everything brought up from the basement and got out the living room tree, plugged it up and nothing!  No lights!  So I messed around with the first section, nothing.  Then me and the girls tried fiddling around with the second section,  no flickers, nothing.  This tree was not lighting up.  Seriously.....I was determined I was not buying a new tree until after Christmas.  There was no way I was paying full price.

When we determined we couldn't get it to light up at all we brought out the little bitty Charlie Brown tree.  Of course it lit up so bright it's nearly blinding.  I had to bring up a skinny table to set it on and we decorated it the best we could.

Without the table it wouldn't even be able to be seen out the window.  Oh and I had bought a brand new glass and gold star to go on top of the tree and let's just say this little guy can't hold it up.  :)

Oh well, it's not the end of the world and we actually used this tree for a few years in our last house.  Our living room was teeny and we only had 7ft ceilings.

As for the rest of the decorating...I do not really put out a whole lot of decorations but I have a few things I like to set out around the living room.

This teeny Nativity is actually sitting at the base of the tree.  Jonah bought this for her Daddy one year for Christmas.

This Nativity was given to me by an old friend.  The wood used to make it came from Bethlehem.

This last Nativity came from my Mom a long time ago.  I can't remember if she got it for me before I was married and I had it in my Hope Chest or if she got it the first year we were married.   Anyway, It is missing several animals.  As soon as Jonah got big enough to play she was always wanting to playing with the animal, toddlers and ceramic animals do not mix.

Even so we put it out every year.  :)

After Christmas is over I will definitely be searching for a new tree.  I would like at least a 7 footer that is fat.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

Do you have your Christmas tree/decorations up yet?

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