Monday, November 15, 2010

Frugal Tip #2 Cut Back on Meat

Before I started using coupons I spent a little too much on meat! I never considered how much something cost per pound.....I just bought what I wanted. That was definitely a good portion of the reason why my grocery bill was so high!

These days I make it a point to stock up on meat when I can find it at rock bottom prices. If I can't find it on sale I don't buy it. When it is on sale I make sure to get as much as I can fit in my budget.

Also when I am cooking these days I make it a point to use less meat in general.  If I am making soup, stew, a casserole, spaghetti sauce or something of the like I only use 1/2 - 3/4 lb of meat.  Then I bulk the meal up with more veggies, maybe some rice or even lentils.   If I am making taco meat I often do 1/2  ground beef and 1/2 rice or lentils.

Sometimes however we go meatless!  This is something I try to do at least once a payday.  It is pretty painless especially when you are able to find a few meatless meals that your family loves.  Having a meatless  dinner now and again can make a change in your grocery bill.  It may be a small change but when you start implementing several simple things the money saved starts to become very apparent. 

Here are a few of my families favorite meatless meals:

Brown Rice and Lentil Casserole

Does your family ever eat meatless?  Do you have a favorite meatless recipe?  If so share in the comments.

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  1. I find it really hard to go meatless with 3 men in my house. So, like u I stock up on meat with the clearance stickers. I bought 8 packs of lauras lean beef for a dollar each last week. Now I just need a deep freezer so i can really hit the sales. Jodie

  2. $1 a pack for Laura's Lean Beef?? That is an awesome mark down!! :)

    I can't even imagine if I had a teenage boys....although my girls can eat alot! :)

    It took me a while to find meatless meals that they enjoyed but they do love the few I make.

  3. We do go meatless sometimes, but like the first commenter said, it's hard with a man in the house! Probably the easiest thing I've found where I can replace meat with veggies without a a rebellion is spaghetti. I can chock the sauce full of mushrooms, onions, squash and even carrots to give it satisfying "heft" while saving on meat. It's probably also healthier!

  4. Suzanne that is definitely one of the best ways to cut back on meat. When I make any of our "meatless favorites" I add extra veggies to bulk them up and make them more appealing.

  5. I would eat meatless a lot more if hubby didn't love meat so much!

  6. Coupon Teacher, we would too! :)

  7. if you're making something with ground meat, you can easily replace some of the meat with TVP -- similar shape & consistency & takes on the flavour of whatever you're cooking. high in protein & fiber, low in fat. i also like to add RED LENTILS to spaghetti sauce to increase protein & fiber, & also to make dishes thicker -- red lentils melt right into the dish & can't be seen!

  8. ms t. I have never tried TVP but there isn't much we won't try! :) We eat lentils alot but I buy the brown lentils, I am not sure I have ever tried red lentils. Thanks for the info I think I will definitely be looking for red lentils and TVP next time I shop. :)