Thursday, November 18, 2010

Frugal Tip #3: Signing up For Online Freebies

If you have ever read my other blog then you probably already know that I am a huge proponent of free!  I love freebies, getting things for free with coupons and getting Free Samples by Mail.  Taking just a little time out of my day to search out some freebies has definitely helped to chip away a little more at my budget.

Over the last couple years I have been able to get a lot of free things by clipping coupons, watching the sales, signing up for Free Samples and checking out some great websites.  Sometimes free samples are larger than you expect or come with a coupon.  I have actually received a free sample twice that came with a "Free Product" coupon, now that was pretty cool.

The important thing to remember when searching out the freebies is that time is money so if you are spending all day long to find a few freebies you are not helping yourself at all.  Instead visit a website or two that can keep you updated on what freebies are available at the moment.  For instance has information on free samples by mail, free music, free software, free online games and Free Movies Online.

Also I highly recommend keeping a seperate email account specifically for freebie sign ups.  This will just keep your main inbox from being innundated with offers.

How many of you like to sign up for freebies?

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