Monday, November 15, 2010

My Dream Sofa Set!

I am pretty sure I have mentioned before that I am in desperate need of a new sofa set!  What we are using now was given to us a long time ago.  The structure is okay but it looks pretty sad.  Last year we went out shopping for at least a new couch and I couldn't decide on anything so I ended up just getting matching slip covers for the couch and recliner.  This works for now but I am really hoping to get a new set sooner than later.

If I had the option to choose any sofa sets that I wanted  I would definitely go for something in a red leather.  This would really be my dream sofa set! However  I would have to repaint my entire very large living room since it is painted green and right now I have too many undone projects as it is.  So instead I would more than likely go for something neutral in the brown family.

At you can find living room furniture, bedroom furniture, kids furniture, kitchen furniture and more.  They have a nice website that is easy to navigate, they offer secure payments and tax free purchases.

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