Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My First Photo Shoot!

I LOVE pictures! My girls have had their portraits made so many times it's almost ridiculous. However I have personally never been a really great picture taker....or maybe I just never tried. Usually when we are on vacation or Holidays come around I hand the camera to my hubby.

About a month ago I checked out Picnik because my daughter Emeri was telling me how wonderful it was.  I have to admit I really like the site and it is easy to use.  I took some cute pics off my cell phone and tried out the editing for the first time.

Then I followed along as my good friend did a photo shoot with my girls and all these ideas about picture taking just started coming to me.

So when we had my niece K's 2nd birthday party recently I took a bunch of pics of her in her pretty dress and princess acessories.  I came home and edited them with Picnik and several came out very cute considering I have a pretty old camera and they were taken indoors.

Then after K flat out refused to have her portraits made at JcPenney, we went to Walmart and ordered some enlargements off of a few of the Birthday pics I had taken.  Then I decided that I thought I could maybe do an outdoor photo shoot with her and get more pictures.

So yesterday we took K along with one of her brothers and 2 of my other nieces and headed to a local park.  The experience was soooooo much fun and the pictures came out really good for a first timer!

Here are just a few of my favorites.....there are actually 45 total pics between the four kids pared down from 65!  :) 

K was by far the hardest to photograph, she is just 2 and she was more concerned with looking at the Duckies than paying attention to me! LOL

All in all it was an Awesome afternoon, I haven't had that much fun in a while.   The results made it even better!  :)

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  1. Very cute kids. I can imagine how hard it was to get all of them posed. No kids myself, but I remember all the family pictures of trying to get my younger cousins posed all at the same time. Your pictures turned out great!

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    Have a peek at my giveaways if you stop by. Everything is handmade and gorgeous!

  3. Thanks Cozy Home Scenes! The older kids were a breeze however the 2 year was a little more difficult but it was so much fun! :) Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Thanks Hanna! I am heading to check out your blog right now. Thanks so much for stopping by. :)