Thursday, November 18, 2010

Open Faced Sloppy Cheeseburgers and Homemade Fries

I actually got this idea from a recipe site and I didn't save the page so now I can't find it.  If and when I do I will link to it.

This was our dinner last night and it was a hit with everyone.

Open Faced Sloppy Cheeseburgers (fed 4 with no leftovers)

1lb Ground Round
1/3 Cup Thick and Chunky Salsa
4 heaping TBS Ketchup
2 heaping TBS Mustard
1 TBS Worcestershire Sauce
1 tsp Garlic Powder

Brown and drain the ground beef.  Add in each of the above ingredients and blend well.  My ingredient amounts differ from the original recipe.  I personally just started adding a little bit of each ingredient until I liked the way it tasted.

Once it was heated through I scooped it over a halved steak roll.  I think sourdough, hamburger buns or your favorite type of roll would work well with this.  Then I added a slice of american cheese on top and put it in the oven to melt.

These were very yummy, everyone in the house scarfed them down! 

Homemade Fries (these are a favorite around here)

I peeled 6 medium potatoes and cut them by hand into fry like slivers.  I sprayed a cookie sheet with canola spray then layered the potatoes on the pan.  Then I lightly sprayed the potatoes with the canola spray and sprinkled garlic powder on them.  I baked them on 400 for about 50 minutes.

This made exactly the right amount of food for our family of 4.  My hubby was able to have 2 sandwiches and the girls and I had 1 each.  The fries were split four ways and there were no leftovers.

If you have a bigger family or teenage boys I suggest doubling or even tripling the recipe.

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  1. This looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. ooh those fries look yummy! I am gonna have to try it! I'm a french fry freak!
    Hope you can join in on my linky party today!