Saturday, December 18, 2010

I am the Parent of a 15 Year Old!

Thursday was Emeri's 15th Birthday! I am still wondering how it is possible that I have a 15 year old child.  How did this little sweetie grow up so fast?
It almost dosen't seem real.

On Tuesday Emeri missed school to go out for the day with my Mom, sisters and I.  At 13 we stopped doing the family birthday's and instead they get to miss school and go out to lunch.

Emeri got money from us and from my Mom and sisters and she spent it all to get an iPod touch. 

On Thursday, her actual birthday, school was out for an ice day.  I made dessert pizza for breakfast and Nachos for supper.  Not healthy but birthday wishes were granted.  :)

Then last night she had 3 friends stay over night.  This was so much better than Jonah's quite crazy slumber party back in August.   I made it a point to make sure we had plenty of food/snacks and I even gave in and bought paper plates and solo cups....something I haven't had in my house in a looooong time. 
Last night's party went soooo much smoother.  It was actually fun and I got a good night sleep.  The girls had a blast and we ended up with left over food.   I would rather have left over than not enough.

Today we will head out to get Emeri's hair cut and let her spend the money her friends got her.  Then all the birthday festivites will be over.

Having a 15 year old is  scary however next year will be 16 and that scares me more!  :)

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