Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Tennessee Christmas Vacation: The Condo

It was truly an adventure getting to Tennessee.  We left Christmas day just a little after 2pm.  The snow had stopped coming down here and the sun was out, we got on the interstate and everything looked pretty good.  The roads were cleared but there was beautiful snow left all along the sides and in the trees.

We had about a 5 1/2 hour drive however it ended up taking us more like 7.  All was well until we got into Tennessee and the snowing had started back up.  It wasn't real bad but it was dark and nobody seemed to want to slow down except us and a couple cars right behind us.

Because my hubby didn't know the area and Tennessee is quite hilly we took it slow.  As we went a long we saw car after car off the side of the road.  There were ambulance, police and fire truck sirens going off way too often.  During that last couple hours on the interstate there were 7 wrecks just on our side of the road.

Once we got to our destination we realized that Lake Tansi was really out in the country which was fine except that it was snowy, slick and almost 9 at night.  :)  We did make it safely to our section of condos.  We stayed in a basic 2 bedroom condo, nothing real fancy but much better than being in a hotel.  We got a last minute Vacation at and paid only $399 plus tax for a 7 night stay.

The best part was this view we had right out the sliding glass door. We were right on the lake! :)  Stayed tuned....there is more to come about our Christmas Vacation!

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