Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Tennessee Christmas Vacation: Knoxville Zoo

The first 2 days of our vacation were spent watching movies at the Condo.  The roads weren't great and some of the places we wanted to visit were still getting snow.  So on 12/28 we decided to head to the Knoxville Zoo.  We have been to the Zoo (several different zoos) during the summer but never in the winter and this was the first time we had been to Knoxville Zoo.

It was great to get out and do something after being cooped up for 2 days.  Plus the Zoo was 1/2 off for the winter.

Not all of the animals came out and most of the ones that did come out stayed behind their glass.  Only a couple actually ventured out to their habitat.  Still it was fun!

I had a very difficult time trying to take pictures through the glass, a lot of them didn't come out but I will share a few that came out pretty good.

This little Red Panda cub was only 6 months old.  It was adorable.

The Macaw's were out in the cold and they were going crazy.  They were so loud at one point one of the squawked and startled me and I dropped my new camera.  Whoops!

This Elephant came out and stood facing the sun.  It began swinging it's head back and forth over and over with it's trunk swinging wildly.  It was pretty funny, it looked as though it was doing some kind of dance of joy in the sun.

 The Zebra's were not afraid to be out in the cold.  There were a few roaming around.

We spent about 2 1/2 - 3 hours at the Zoo that day.   It made for a very fun afternoon.

Afterward we had dinner at a 5 Guys Burgers and Fries and it was yummo!

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