Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our White Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve was beautiful around here!  We had not had a white Christmas in many, many years and of course the Christmas we plan a vacation it snows.  :)

So with the snow coming down I took the girls out in their new hats and coats and we got some great snow pics.

Afterward we went to my Mom's for food and presents.  My sisters and their husbands and kids were all there.  It

was so much fun.  I love watching all the kiddos opening there gifts with such excitement.

Once we got home we let our girls go ahead and open their gifts from us because Christmas morning was going to be super busy.  We did a small Christmas this year, 5 gifts each for the girls.  Hubby and I didn't exchange "gifts" at all, our family gift was the vacation and that was the best Christmas Gift.

On Christmas morning we had to get ready, pack a few last minute items, get our dog Lily ready to go to my sisters and then we left our house at 11.  After dropping Lily at my sister's we went to my Grandparent's house for lunch with all the family. 

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day lunch with family and by a little after 2pm we were on the road to Tennessee.  Not everything went as planned on our Christmas Vacation however we still had a great time together.

Right now I am still going through tons of pictures from Christmas and our vacation but very shortly I will be getting together a few posts about our trip.

So I am curious to know...how many of you had a White Christmas?

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  1. Love the hats! Looks like they had fun in the snow. We had a very wet and windy Christmas in Northern CA :(

  2. Thanks Petra! We have gotten so many comments on those hats. Wet and Windy does not sound like a fun Christmas! We usually get nothing at all so this was fun. :)

  3. Love the hats and processing. Nicely done!

  4. Love the contrast between the colorful hats and the white, white snow! I'm a Georgia girl and just moved to Connecticut 3 months ago. Of course the year we leave GA, they have their 1st white Christmas in over 100 years! We got our first big snow here the day after Christmas.

  5. Thanks Kathleen! I have only started taking pictures over the last few months and these are my favorites I have done so far. :)

    Wow, you missed the first white Christmas in over 100 years? ;(

    At least you got snow in Connecticut.