Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Spotlight 1/23/11

Image by The Nature of Things

Every week I find myself browsing blogs and coming across some wonderful posts.  I love being inspired by decorating, remodeling, sewing, cooking and more.  Here are the posts that really stood out to me this past week.

1) Love Rosella's Bedroom Makeover at Rosella's Lane

2) Sonya from Beyond the Screen Door has a Baked Potato Soup recipe that has my mouth watering.

3) Krista at While he Was Napping whipped up some yummy looking Double Chocolate Kiss Cookies

4) Emily at The Boy Trifecta has crocheted an adorable Dino Spike Hat for her little one  and it is oh so cute!

5) Finally I really like Lindy's Valentine Candy Bouquets at Itsy Bitsy Paper

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