Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our Tennessee Christmas Vacation: Ober Gatlinburg

After spending a little while in Pigeon Forge we headed on to Gatlinburg. We stopped on the side of the road by this beautfiul creek and took some pictures.  It was just so lovely and serene down there with mountains all around.

Our plans were to check out the sites in Gatlinburg then to go up the mountain.  I personally had never been and I am not sure what I was expecting however I am pretty sure I imagined it differently than how it turned out.

As we drove into Gatlinburg it was packed.  People were everywhere and the sidewalks were so close to the car.  I have been to downtown Chicago before and have walked the streets however for whatever reason this seemed different.  I was pretty stressed by the time we actually found a place to park and walked to the Aerial Tramway to Ober Gatlingburg.

We paid and got in line and at this point it sank in that I was about to get on what looked like a subway car with a whole bunch of people but we were going up a mountain.  

Let's just say I didn't like it at all.  We did make it up to the first stop where the shops and skiing and ice skating were.  Then my hubby showed me where we could go up to the scenic lookout.  We stood there for awhile as I contemplated whether or not I thought I could actually do this.  I didn't think I was scared of heights, I have ridden so many roller coasters but this was different.

I finally agreed since Emeri was dying to go up. She didn't get to go when hubby and Jonah went on a church function the year before and visited Ober Gatlinburg.
So up we went.

I didn't like this ride up to the lookout at all.  On the way up Emeri rode with me and Jonah rode with hubby.

We made it to the top and by then it was getting dark.  I personally just wanted to get off the mountain.  The ride down was worse than the ride up, at least for me.   
The girls however were not phased at all.  :)

Once we made it back to the first level we had to wait in a huge line for 1 1/2 hours to get off the mountain.  Let's just say that I was totally stressed out by that point.  :)  The girls had a blast and I did live even though I was not happy at all.  

I don't think I will be asking to head back to Gatlinburg anytime soon.  I thnk maybe we will head back to Destin next time!  :)

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