Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who Knew Healthy Eating Could be So Delicious!

I am sure there are plenty of you out there that already knew this however it has been pleasantly surprising for us.

When we announced to our girls that we were going to start buying organic and all natural foods they seemed a little concerned.  I was pretty sure there would be plenty that would be good however I didn't imagine it would taste so much better than the other way we were eating.

Yes I have bought a few things that no one really liked at all but I have bought a ton of things that everyone has LOVED!  I am still learning and so far the process is going much better than expected.

Above was last nights dinner, you can see the steam coming off of the spaghetti.  It was sooooo good!

Here is what I used:

1lb Ground Chicken (cage free, hormone free, etc)($1.99 on sale)
2 Cans all Natural Fire Roasted Tomatoes ($1 per can)
organic dehydrated minced onion (pennies)
organic garlic powder (pennies)
1 box Barilla Plus Spaghetti that I had previously ($1)

I cooked the whole box of spaghetti according to instructions on box.
I browned the ground chicken and seasoned it with the onion and garlic.  Once it was browned I dumped in the 2 cans of tomatoes, added a little more onion and garlic, stirred occasionally and let the juices cook down for about 10 minutes.

Then I tossed the drained spaghetti noodles with the "sauce".  As you can tell by the picture this is not at all like a real sauce, it was very light and all the flavors blended nicely together.  I served it with an organic spring mix and baby spinach salad.

It was delicious!  Everyone loved it and there was plenty enough left for mine and hubby's lunch today.

I almost forgot....with it we drank homeade Pineapple/Apple Soda.....I will post about that soon.  :)

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  1. Hello my name is Summer and I own a small business that makes very healthy and organic granolas along with other grains and goodies.....Remember just because it says its all natural or organic it doesn't always mean its healthy ( I am speaking of snack food )... I must say that we have been eating healthy , organic and local for a very long time (25years) and I know it pays off .... We feel great , our blood work shows it and our over all physical,spiritual and emotional well being is wonderful ....Certain fruits and veggies should always be organic ( those that have no or thin skin ) also eating organic or local dairy and poultry is a must whenever possible ( it costs a fortune to get the U.S.ORGANIC certification and although many small farms do not have the governmental certification they are farming on land that has never been chemically treated and these small farmers are very conscientious about their planting and animal husbandry practices) ..... For the past several years I have had a stand at our local farmers market and from may through november I deal with the local farmers..... Also buying local promotes the local economy.....Very nice to read your blog and to browse around your site ....I will follow you ....If I can answer any questions or help you out just ask ....have a blessed evening : )