Monday, February 18, 2013

Beyond Easy One Pot Meal

I love easy and I love one pot meals.  My crockpot is my best friend several days of the week.  I love the easy clean up and the fact that I can have a hot and nutritious dinner ready for my family.

Tonight I decided to do just a little twist on traditional potatoes and greens beans.  I wanted it to be as close to a full as possible.

I started with 1lb frozen ground chicken.  I put mine in my crockpot for 2 hrs on high checking periodically to break it up.  My crockpot cooks very high so it will cook completely frozen meat without any problem.

Once the meat was cooked through I peeled and sliced 5 small to medium potatoes and layered on top of the meat.  Then I added 2 cans of green bean, including the liquid from 1 can.  I drizzled on some olive oil, sprinkled on some pepper, oregano and garlic and let it cook on high for 2+ hours more (until the potaotes were nice and soft)

Crockpot times may vary!

This turned out to be a super yummy meal.  I will  be making this again.

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